Back view Alfa Romeo Giulietta with a Bilstein chassis driven by Davit Kajaia

Alfa Giulietta TCR excels on BILSTEIN suspension

Exciting and demanding races for spirited Italians

Since 2015, the TCR International Series has been a motor sport class that perfectly combines near-serial production touring cars and motor sport. The winning vehicle at the opening race of 2017 was fittingly just as international as the worldwide races. The sporty Italian girl with the name Alfa Romeo Giulietta, and the number 16 was directed towards the finish line by the Georgian driver Davit Kajaia. The suspension of the 300-HP touring car comes from BILSTEIN in Ennepetal. With Giulietta’s win at the opening race of the season, the small team of the car tuner, Romeo Ferraris reached the first milestone on their way to bring Alfa Romeo back to the peak of a race series.

Giulietta is always well equipped for these ambitious goals. It has also proved this through the two victories of Dušan Borković with Giulietta number 62. The spirited Italian received its perfectly matched racing sport suspension using the Modular Damper System from BILSTEIN in the “Bilstein Service Center” from N.T.P. The South Tyrolean company is not only known as an importer of high-performance components but has also made a name for themselves with the production of individual, perfectly matched suspension solutions from BILSTEIN. The requirements and needs of Romeo Ferraris have also been precisely made into reality. “In racing sport, one hundredth of a second is often decisive. We must also always aim for the maximum possible in our developments so as not to give our opponents any advantage”, says Jochen Trettl of N.T.P.

Bilstein chassin

All developments must, of course, comply with the TCR regulations. These envisage a 2-way shock absorber with adjustable rebound and bump. Accordingly, gas-pressure shock absorbers from the BILSTEIN-Modular Damper System are used on the front axle. N.T.P. has designed and adapted its own shock absorber for the rear axle based on BILSTEIN Modular Damper System components. Just how well the BILSTEIN modular shock absorber system, the springs and the vehicle are in harmony was clearly demonstrated during the opening race of the season. The work of BILSTEIN, N.T.P. and the team of Romeo Ferraris is still far from done. Even in the remaining races of the 2017 season, the Giulietta has to defend herself against tough opponents, who are relentlessly fighting for the lead.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta with a Bilstein chassis driven by Davit Kajaia on the race track