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Baptism of fire at Destination Nürburgring

Nürburgring novices experience Destination Nürburgring from racecar cockpit

For Nürburgring veterans a yearly visit to the circuit is very normal. People book time away from work way in advance in order to make the pilgrimage from all around the world and often visit the track more than once in a twelve-month period. Each year thousands of hardcore track enthusiasts flock to Destination Nürburgring events in particular, keen to sample the circuit in its purest form, without slow traffic.

The variety of vehicles in attendance is amazing and the atmosphere is like nothing else on earth. Where else would you find a track prepared Peugeot 205 sharing a paddock with a McLaren P1? BILSTEIN has sponsored Destination Nürburgring right from the first event and stands behind the passion and enthusiasm for driving pleasure that it delivers. If DN is so exciting for even the most hardened track day enthusiast, what is this assault on the senses like for a first time visitor? BILSTEIN invited YouTubers Josh and Tom to Destination Nürburgring and strapped the Nürburgring novices into a Black Falcon endurance racecar to find out, we were not disappointed. “That is the most intense experience of my life, I’m going to need to sit down for a little while” chuckled Tom while removing his helmet.

As Tom staggered away from the car it was Josh’s turn to climb into the Black Falcon 997 Carrera, specially adapted to become a race-winning Nürburgring-endurance success. Slightly more apprehensive than Tom, Josh triple checked his straps and gave a nervous yet excited thumbs up to the team before heading off for a hot lap. Upon returning the colour has seemingly drained from Josh’s cheeks, despite smiling from ear to ear. “That is incredible, I’m lost for words” he exclaimed, “We were going around the outside of everything in the corners, even supercars. The driver knows the track and car like the back of his had and that Porsche, well… it handles like it’s glued to the track. I can’t believe how flat it is in the corners, how much grip it seems to have and how hard it brakes. Its amazing, can I go again???” Josh continued.

Despite being track enthusiasts Josh and Tom had never been to a Destination Nürburgring event. The pair run a popular YouTube channel, BQR123 that includes content ranging from adventures abroad, BMX videos and also plenty of car content too. If Destination Nürburgring gets the blood pumping in two extreme sports junkies it’s sure to excite you too! Check out their video of a flying lap in a Nürburgring racer below:

Black Falcon 997 Carrera
YouTubers Josh and Tom