Behind the scenes of a drift spectacular!

Joe and Elias Hountondji are known as the Team Red Bull Driftbrothers . The pair are some of the most successful drifters in Europe and exhibit exceptional car control, a talent that caught the eye of Walter Röhrl.

It’s this skill that brings Joe and Elias to Romania to complete their challenge on one of the world’s greatest driving roads; today it is the world’s greatest drifting road.

Elias’ E30 BMW and Joe’s S13 are custom built to compete in the highest levels of drifting, but out here one mistake could be the difference between life and death. There are no tyre walls in the Romanian countryside and unrelenting, unpredictable winter weather doesn’t help matters.

These behind the scenes images show the tight technical sections and perilous drops the duo had to navigate to complete their challenge, but what challenge did Walter set?