Championship for the Driftbrothers

At home in drifting: How we support the drifting champions

The drifting championship “Federal Tyres King of Europe” is considered one of the toughest motorsport series worldwide. Man and especially material are exposed to extreme strains during drifting. Always on board for the eight races from April till beginning of October: Christian Moldenhauer, development engineer from our motorsport department.

With the Red Bull Driftbrothers we are supporting the top drifters of the championship. “In 2015 the Driftbrothers knocked on our door,” Christian remembers, “they needed a high performance suspension and support at the race track.” We equipped the Nissan 200SX S13 and the BMW E30 370i with the proven BILSTEIN Modular Damper System 2-way motorsport suspension and together developed the shock absorber characteristics. Furthermore, the suspension specialist Christian Moldenhauer supports the team on site at all events.

Driftbrother Elias Hountondji explains the role of the suspension in drifting: “The suspension is extremely important. To be able to keep the angle driven into at high speeds all comes down to the performance of the suspension.” Christian Moldenhauer elaborates: “The motorcars require extreme grip at the rear axle to be able to give the drivers precise feedback at all times. For example, the drivers always need to know how much drifting angle they can allow and when they have to pull the motorcar straight again.”

The BILSTEIN Modular Damper System 2-way motorsport suspensions of the Driftbrothers possess a special drifting characteristic and are adjusted to the conditions of the race track on site. Before the spectators travel to the race track, Christian Moldenhauer is already on site. “Together with the race engineer we inspect wow the shock absorbers work.” After the individual sessions Moldenhauer adjusts the damping force via the adjustment wheels of the rebound and bump on the Modular Damper System motorsport suspension. “In this way he can perfectly adjust the performance to the respective conditions,” Elias Hountondji adds.

Another important task Christian fulfils is the so-called “spotting.” For this he inspects the race tracks to observe the pilot lines. “I look very closely at how our setup performs and whether there are any points where it can be improved – also in comparison to the competitor.”

Though the work at the race track is often quite stressful, “even when things became tight we always managed to prepare the car perfectly on point,” Moldenhauer rejoices. “In motorsport it is common that things go haywire, but especially when things get tight one realises that the team comes closer together,” the 30-year-old radiates.

Christian’s efforts have paid off. With a double success in the final of the international drifting championship “Federal Tyres King of Europe” the Red Bull Driftbrothers bowed off into the winter break. In their luggage: The championship title for Driftbrother Joe Hountondji.

Red Bull Driftbrothers at Transfăgărășan