BMW 540i with BILSTEIN DampTronic sky®

Comfort and dynamics in perfect harmony

BILSTEIN DampTronic sky®: the benchmark in the premium segment

The seventh-generation BMW 5 Series has been available in Saloon and Touring form since 2017. Electronic Damper Control features in the price list as a special suspension option. For the first time ever, it is based on BILSTEIN’s DampTronic sky® technology. Using the Driving Experience Control switch, you can adapt the damping characteristics to your personal preferences or adjust them in line with your driving style and the road conditions.

The DampTronic® sky shock absorber eliminates the conflict between ride comfort, driving safety and agility: two continuously variable valves per unit regulate the damping force. One controls the rebound, i.e. the force generated when the wheel rebounds, and the other controls the force in the bump phase.

The control module of the suspension system can individually adapt the damping forces for each wheel within milliseconds. Data from acceleration sensors, wheel-path sensors and other sources is used for this. As a result, occupants are cushioned against the effects of rough roads, and optimum stability of the bodywork is ensured at high speeds.

Aerial perspective BILSTEIN DampTronic®sky

Through the use of two variable valves, the shock absorber can guarantee damping-force adjustment in line with the skyhook principle even when wheel vibrations are in the high-frequency range. The BILSTEIN DampTronic® sky shock absorber is therefore the current benchmark for semi-active damping adjustment with its independent adjustment of rebound and bump.

Numerous comparison tests have confirmed this driving sensation. Or as German AutoBild magazine puts it: “A driving sensation where the sporty edge that lurks in the suspension and steering is discretely disguised beneath the sophisticated overall impression.”*

Photo: Copyright BILSTEIN 2017. Reprint free of charge upon indication of the source BILSTEIN. Copy requested.


BILSTEIN DampTronic sky® for BMW 5 series