Frank Cassidy’s RSR-inspired 1974 911 Outlaw

Even Better Than The Real Thing

Frank Cassidy’s RSR-inspired 911 ‘Outlaw’ utilises BILSTEIN suspension technology

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in the world of performance tuning replicas are often disregarded rather than appreciated, especially by those ‘purist’ fans. In reality, a properly-executed replica build is the perfect way of creating an iconic driving machine without paying the high prices associated with limited edition models. In fact, some actually perform better than the originals… And this car is also running on BILSTEIN coilovers.

Frank Cassidy’s RSR-inspired 1974 911 ‘Outlaw’ is the perfect representation of this. Visually the Porsche looks identical to the RSR which inspired it – a car limited to just 49 models and created as a more hardcore version of the potent RS. This is thanks in part to the genuine bodywork and wheels which were painstakingly sourced to create a period-correct look. But delve under the lightweight skin and you’ll soon find upgrades far beyond its inspiration!

‘The 3.0-litre 1974 RSR for me was a hero growing up’ explains Frank. ‘I’d sit watching films of them racing in Le Mans – the roar and flames going down the Mulsanne straight was just intoxicating.’ Peek under the huge boot-mounted spoiler and you’ll find a forged 3.5-litre engine, aircooled and naturally aspirated just like its inspiration. However unlike the RSR, Frank’s Outlaw 911 develops 350bhp to the super-wide BBS E50 wheels, a cool 50bhp more than the real deal.

In the handling department, Frank’s 911 benefits from coilover suspension front and rear utilising BILSTEIN technology based around a B16 coilover suspension kit to ensure maximum performance in all driving situations. Don’t be fooled in thinking this is a track-only project, either. Frank regularly drives the RSR Outlaw on the road, covering thousands of miles each year as well as driving to and from track days – a nod towards the ethos of the genuine article which was marketed as being a road-legal race car.

Rear view of Frank Cassidy’s RSR-inspired 1974 911 Outlaw
Motor of Frank Cassidy’s RSR-inspired 1974 911 Outlaw

With the larger capacity engine and a dry-weight of under 1000kg, Frank’s RSR Outlaw has a greater power-to-weight ratio than even the latest 991 Turbo! When you consider its age, the lack of traction control and drive aids it’s safe to say this is one serious thrill ride of a Porsche.

‘911s like this can be intimidating, but put in the graft and they’ll reward you’ adds Frank. ‘Just never take them for granted and they might just let you live!’