Full suspension power for the Subaru Levorg

Now available: BILSTEIN B6 and B8 shock absorbers and B12 and B16 suspension systems

The Subaru WRX is known all over the world as an uncompromising sports car – and the larger Levorg shares the same gene pool. So it is no surprise that a host of BILSTEIN suspension options are also available for this estate car, from the high-quality OE replacements to the complete suspension with or without thread adjustment. All available components reflect over 20 years of expertise as an original equipment manufacturer for the Japanese brand with the constellation of Pleiades as its logo, and a shared background in motor racing.

For repair work that meets the highest standards, the BILSTEIN B6 gas-pressure shock absorber is ideal as an “improved OE replacement”. It ensures optimum performance and comfort due to even greater damping force and makes driving both fun and safe in any situation: whether fully laden or on highly demanding roads, the Subaru Levorg is a sight to behold everywhere.

Those wishing to lower their car with sport springs should certainly consider the shortened high-performance shock absorber, the BILSTEIN B8. It offers the Levorg an even more dynamic performance en route and ensures the optimum spring/shock absorber balance.

The B12 complete suspension, which is fine-tuned in road tests in conjunction with the spring manufacturer Eibach, offers the perfect all-round carefree package for sports-oriented drivers. Its great features include a uniform, moderate lowering and precise responsiveness, excellent driving dynamics and high safety margins;

The BILSTEIN B16 coil-over system provides even more flexibility and a set-up tuned under motorsport conditions. Its registrable adjustment range of up to 20 millimetres is a real bonus. Lightweight technology and ten rebound and bump settings that can be adjusted even when installed are yet further benefits.

Bilstein shock absorbers models B6, B8, B12 and B14


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  • Article number: 35-249474 FAR, RRP: 250.00 euros excluding VAT
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  • Article number: 35-249498 FAL, RRP: 255.00 euros excluding VAT
  • Article number: 35-300083 FAR, RRP: 255.00 euros excluding VAT
  • Article number: 24-249508 RA, RRP: 170.00 euros excluding VAT


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