Front view of a red Porsche 964 standing in a garage

A good investment: Porsche 964 with BILSTEIN B16

As the value of air cooled Porsches is soaring, a young enthusiast gets on the ladder

As Porsche prices climb month on month, it leaves many younger enthusiasts wondering when to enter the fold, should they wait or bite the bullet and get in while they can? In the UK a 964 that could have cost around £12,000 five years ago will go for upwards of £35,000 today. This boom has left first time Porsche buyers wondering whether to wait for a price drop, or jump in as prices continue to rise.

Ollie Palmer-Smith is familiar with this dilemma, but judging by the images before you, you may be able to guess his decision. “Month on month prices were just rocketing, nothing was staying around for long and people were just asking more and more money”, explained Ollie. “In the end, I had to make a compromise on spec to get a car in the condition I wanted, it was really a case of make do or miss out,” he continues. Moreover, he wanted to install a BILSTEIN suspension system and some other cool features.

For Ollie then, this 964 is a labor of love. He carefully selected a mechanically sound car with good bodywork to base his project on. Ollie is a sucker for a red car, and as an avid detailer he loves to work with the bright hue. Likewise, much of the faded trim could be brought back to life with some careful cleaning and restoration. The only thing that put him off the car was the red interior accents. Optional red piping on the otherwise black leather seats could be excused but the red carpet was first on the list for Ollie to change. This made way for a lightweight carpet set, made bespoke for Ollie. At the same time he re-dyed the seats to bring them back to life and added a Momo Proto Tipo steering wheel, a classic design cue.

If you’re familiar with older Porsches you’ll be aware of their appetite for exhaust systems. Being slung low behind the rear wheels the hot pipes are very susceptible to corrosion, especially in the wet conditions of the UK. Ollie has changed the original system for a stainless sports system, tailored to make a raspy, sports note.

Close up of a steering wheel of a Porsche 964
A guy adjusting the tires at a red Porsche 964 standing in a garage

This car is built to drive however and Ollie’s main focus has been the cars underpinnings. A BILSTEIN B16 coil over suspension has found its way to each corner of the car and transform the ride and handling. “Before (the BILSTEIN suspension was fitted) it felt like an old car, wobbly and unsure of itself. Now it’s a joy to drive, really direct and how I expected my first Porsche to be,” explained Ollie.

He’s not content with just these changes though; Ollie’s fitted a 993 brake system, an RS rear heater delete and bypass pipe plus a front strut brace. Soon to replace the timeless Cup wheels are a set of BBS LM wheels that will certainly compliment the new ride height, which certainly also improves the cornering abilities. After all, BILSTEIN suspension components have been installed in many Porsche road and racing cars for decades, now.

Close up side view of a Porsche 964 standing in a garage
Side view of a Porsche 964 standing in a garage