Team car getting tires changed

Life in the paddock at the Nürburgring 24 hours

It like getting up close and personal with the cars of N24?

We’ve talked about the microclimate and the legendary 25km long circuit that tests the cars to destruction and pushes their drivers to the absolute limit of physical endurance. But what’s it like in the pit lane?

Well, when it comes to access, N24 is like no other race in the world. As a spectator, you can walk right up to the pit garages and see GT3 endurance cars, hot hatches and various old school cars all being prepared for the world’s most challenging endurance festival.

So, it’s intense? Absolutely! This year’s 35-degree heat was relentless. Couple this with four or five cars being crammed into a pit garage and the result is a highly challenging environment for the team mechanics, BILSTEIN suspension engineers and even the spectators! Before the race start, fans flood the track to rub shoulders with cars that are about to attack the Green Hell for lap after lap during the forthcoming 24h showdown.

car outside the Black Falcon team paddock
Inside the paddock

In between the preparation, unplanned pit stops and frantic tyre changes, there are, of course, moments of calm. But these are short-lived. On any pilgrimage to N24 you can be sure of of some drama. A Clio tagging a race-leading Ferrari, an accidental brush of the Armco or riding the kerbs too much can easily result in a puncture and lost time, or even worse, the end of the race. One wrong move can be costly and there’s a regular stream of battle scared cars that return to the paddock on the back of a recovery vehicle.

If you only head to N24 once in your life, then make sure you get there on the Saturday morning before the race armed with a paddock pass. This will enable you to truly experience the atmosphere of endurance motorsport!

Black Falcon Team in front the team garage
Black Falcon