Nothelle 50 spotted at Audi Heritage

1140cc of Orange Fury

There’s nothing cooler than an underdog, in the car world this is usually a small car that takes the fight to larger more naturally capable cars. You see it all the time all around the world, fans cheering on smaller race teams and rooting for the little guy.

One little guy that was hard to miss was this incredible bright orange Audi 50 Group 2 car. It sits nestled in the vaults of Audi Heritage. An arm of Audi dedicated to protecting important racecars and road cars from years gone by. The Audi 50 shares perfectly clean living quarters with some of the true greats of motorsport. Imagine more Ur-Quattros than you can shake a stick at, every Le Mans winning Audi prototype to date… that sort of company.

Whether it is the underdog effect or the bright orange hue that drew us to the little 50 we’re not quite sure, but we spent an inordinate amount of time looking over the intricacies of the build.

The Audi 50 was built by Nothelle tuning to compete in Group 2 racing. An endevour that followed on from the Nothelle NSU Prinz project and ran alongside the larger MK1 racecar. The 50’s engine is an intriguing 1140cc joint venture with Schrick. Kugelfischer fuel injection feeds an 1140cc engine with an 11:1 compression ratio, high technology in 1976. This allows the motor to climb above the magic 100bhp/litre and make a peak of 124bhp. It’s an incredible achievement when you consider this is a single overhead cam engine with only two valves per cylinder.

Aside from the incredible engine and bright paint, you can’t help but notice those heavily flared arches. This allows the tiny car to run a huge 9×13 wheel setup. That’s on a car that would usually wear a 5.5-inch wheel and allows the driver to make the best use of that 124bhp motor. This is one car we would absolutely love to see screaming around a circuit.