Porsche Cayman sneaks into Ultimate Dubs show

What type of Volkswagen is that?

The annual Ultimate Dubs show marks the start of a fresh show season for UK show and shine enthusiasts.  People flock from all over the United Kingdom to see the hottest new winter builds unveiled for the first time. Contrary to what the name might lead you to believe, it’s not just Volkswagens in attendance. This might be confusing for first time show attendees, but it’s this diversity that makes the UK Volkswagen scene special.

You see, the majority of non-VW vehicles here are actually owned by VW enthusiasts. The UK VW community sticks together even when they move on to different cars. Take the owner of this Porsche Cayman for example. Ryan Stewart also owns a fully track prepared VW Golf that he admits is in a perpetual state of build. Perhaps it’s because he’s been busy creating this Porsche project, what started as a little project to do the odd track day has turned into a fully fledged Nürburgring slayer with more than a few Porsche GT3 components under the skin.

Strangely Ryan’s track car looks right at home under the exhibition hall lights. You’ll find the same Rotiform wheels adorning slammed creations all around this show but Ryan’s used them here in an altogether different style. Shod in wide R888 tyres the wheels take on a different character and the 987 sits squat and ready to go, despite being still. Helping with this mean stance is a BILSTEIN B16 DampTronic® coilover suspension kit. Ryan wanted to retain the switchable nature of the original Porsche PASM in order to keep supple road ride as well as a firmer track setup, selectable at the push of a button.

You may recognize the paint colour from earlier Porsche models, and you’d be right, it’s finished in Maritime blue by renowned Porsche guru Greg Howell. Greg himself a VW enthusiast, preparing numerous show winning VW builds before becoming the go-to Porsche painter in the UK. It’s not just a life of shows for this Cayman however, Ryan’s determined to make it out to as many Destination Nürburgring events as possible through the summer and allows the car to do exactly what it was built to do.