A guy inserting new shock absorbers

Preparing a MK7 Golf R for the Green Hell

Calling on BILSTEIN Nürburgring technology, perfectly adapted for optimum performance

When preparing for your Nürburgring trip there’s nothing quite as important as the perfect suspension. It’s not only the final destination that is important, but for UK residents like Mark Riccioni there’s also the small matter of the 800+ miles each way to the circuit.

Thankfully, BILSTEIN B16 coilovers are designed exactly with this use in mind. The MK7 Golf R is a sublime package from factory; this one has been made even better by Regal Autosport. Featuring an engine remap and Integrated Engineering intake system the family estate now boasts almost 400bhp, enough to make the 0-60 mph dash in around 3.5 seconds. Mind boggling numbers for such simple modifications.

Power, unfortunately, is nothing without control. Especially at the Nürburgring. Mark’s a familiar face at the Destination Nürburgring events and chose to equip his wagon with a set of BILSTEIN B16 coilovers, also installed at Regal Autosport. “B16 work excellently for this purpose” says Mark, “I’ve experienced them in friends cars and they offer OE levels of ride quality and comfort while giving the car an extra dynamic edge out on track, it just feels so much more dependable at high speed” he continues.

A guy checking a shock absorber
Bilstein shock absorbers laying on a workbench

With so many modifications available for the platform it’s simple to get carried away with power upgrades. Real drivers always consider balance to be more important than outright performance in a single area, this begs the question then; is this MK7 Golf R wagon one of the greatest drivers cars of modern times? It can effortlessly carry heaps of luggage, sprint to 60 mph faster than most sports cars and remain comfortable enough for long distances while also having the handling prowess to tackle the Green Hell. Perhaps that title is up for debate, one thing we do know is that this Golf is a very capable all round package, and high on our list for cars to travel from the UK to the ‘ring in.

A guy inserting a new shock absorber
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