Exhibited Bilstein shock absorbers at the Goodwood Motor Circuit

We tackling the most historic track in the Britain, Goodwood Motor Circuit

Built in a bygone era, this technical circuit rewards handling, not power

Goodwood Motor Circuit is situated on the south coast of England in the West-Sussex region and first opened its gates in September 1948. It was host to Britain’s very first post war race meeting but Goodwood already had a rich racing history, twelve years prior to this the 9th Duke of Richmond, Freddie March held Goodwood’s first motoring event, a hill climb at the country estate for a small group of Lancia enthusiasts. This small gathering would eventually grow into the Festival of Speed.

The circuit is built upon the perimeter road of the Goodwood airfield, used by the British military during the Second World War. When the circuit opened in 1948 the first race was met with 85 drivers and 15,000 spectators, a staggering number given that word of the circuit’s opening would have been slow to spread by the printed press. The circuit rewarded these spectators with fast racing and close wheel-to-wheel action; even in 1948 it was considered a quick track, with some very technical sections and little run off.

It’s something that really suits the balance and handling characteristics of Ryan Stewart’s Porsche Cayman S. Ryan had the fortune of experiencing Goodwood Motor Circuit first hand at Players Classic event, a show put on to celebrate all aspects of car culture from show cars to track cars of all makes and models. BILSTEIN were also at the show to meet customers and explain the technology available. Ryan’s Cayman wears the BILSTEIN race livery and utilises B16 DampTronic® coilover suspensions to make the most use of the Porsche’s 320bhp flat six engine.

Bilstein trailer at the Goodwood Motor Circuit
Cars standing on lawn at the Goodwood Motor Circuit

This was shown by the high average speed of 100mph, no mean feat considering the circuit has been slowed in recent years with the addition of a chicane at the beginning of the start/finish straight. We’re excited to see how Ryan’s Cayman project develops as he tweaks the chassis setup further, perhaps next time he can improve his average speed even further.

It’s incredible that it is still possible to drive the historic circuit today; much effort has been made to ensure that the history of the track remains intact so you can really enjoy the nostalgia. All the buildings are covered with the original liveries and the paddock area remains just as it did some 65 years ago. Still a technical track with off camber and bumpy sections it’s a circuit that rewards cornering speed rather than outright power.

Es ist unglaublich, dass die historische Strecke heute immer noch befahrbar ist. Eine Menge Arbeit wurde hineingesteckt, um sicherzustellen, dass der historische Kurs intakt bleibt und man in vollen Zügen die Nostalgie genießen kann. Alle Gebäude sind in die originalen Gewandungen gehüllt und das Fahrerlager ist genau so, wie es vor gut 65 Jahren war. Nach wie vor ist Goodwood eine technisch anspruchsvolle Strecke mit Steilkurven und Abschnitten, auf denen es richtig ruckelig wird. Hier lohnt sich eher gute Kurventechnik als schiere Kraft.

Car standing on the lawn at the Goodwood Motor Circuit
People standing at the race track of the Goodwood Motor Circuit