R35 GTR Litchfield with a BILSTEIN Clubsport suspension kit

Taming 1300+bhp with BILSTEIN technology

How much is too much?

How on earth can you utilise 1300bhp? It’s a good question and its one that was posed to BILSTEIN’s technical department by Litchfield Motors. For their ultimate expression of the R35 GTR Litchfield pushed the performance capabilities and gained 1300bhp from the Nissan engine. Designed as a test-bed for Litchfield’s new products and as a showcase for the technical ability of the UK tuning house, this GTR also features a unique BILSTEIN Clubsport suspension kit.

As far as road cars go, this one is as really quite extreme. Peering through the window reveals a stripped out cabin with an integrated roll cage, bucket seats and that familiar GTR dashboard. Walking around the car does little to hint at the power plant underneath and the BILSTEIN livery hides the carbon fibre nature of the majority of the body panels. Under the aggressively vented bonnet you will find a bespoke twin turbocharged motor, hand built by Litchfield for the purpose of exploring the outer limits of power possible from the platform. 1300bhp has been surpassed so far and naturally the gearbox and drivetrain have been upgraded to suit.

BILSTEIN Clubsport suspension kit
R35 GTR Litchfield with a BILSTEIN Clubsport suspension kit

Such a high power levels bring unique challenges for suspension. Controlling squat under immense acceleration, high engine bay temperatures and extreme top speeds become particular considerations with a power plant as potent as this. BILSTEIN has developed a customised Clubsport setup for this application, giving 10 adjustment levels in both bump and rebound. Litchfield has worked closely with the UK technical centre to develop a unique adjustment range, allowing the GTR to drive comfortably across Europe at speed and then be firmed up when arriving to track events at circuits like Spa and the Nürburgring.

R35 GTR Litchfield with a BILSTEIN Clubsport suspension kit

Surprisingly this GTR is a friendly and rewarding driving experience. Of course, when squeezing the throttle pedal everything happens extraordinarily quickly and acceleration is truly warp speed in nature. But on the other hand if you experience traffic or wander into a city centre the car will not resist. Litchfield’s engine tuning and BILSTEIN Clubsport technology work in perfect harmony in this vehicle to show that with careful planning, you really can tame 1300+bhp.