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BILSTEIN suspension components for the Opel Astra K

The Opel Astra has been a major player in the compact class for 26 years. Already in 2008, 10 million vehicles went off the line. Both visually and technically, a lot has happened since the first Astra. The fifth generation is currently on the market and already offers a lot of equipment variants and engines. If you want to further refine the driving behaviour of the Astra, you should take advantage of BILSTEIN suspensions.

The tried and tested improved OE replacement shock absorber BILSTEIN B6 is, of course, also available for the Opel Astra K. Compared to the standard running gear, this offers higher power reserves and allows for more precise handling. In addition, the series springs can be reused. If the vehicle is to be lowered with sports springs, the BILSTEIN B8 sports suspension is recommended, which offers a high comfort potential despite a sporty appearance.

In the near future, the BILSTEIN B12 Pro-Kit and the BILSTEIN B14 coilover system will also be available for the Opel Astra K. The BILSTEIN B12 Pro-Kit consists of a precisely shortened BILSTEIN B8 with Eibach springs and offers the perfect combination of sporty dynamics, impressive looks and high-strength performance. The BILSTEIN B14 is road-tested under motorsport conditions and has an adjustment range of up to 20 millimetres.


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