Pupils showing their work to instructors

Training workshop plays host to technology class

Students gain an insight into metalworking at thyssenkrupp Bilstein

Once a week, ten students from the Ennepetal secondary school visit the training workshop for the production of shock absorbers at thyssenkrupp Bilstein. During their session, they learn about the basics of metalworking by constructing a metal figure, which they have nicknamed “Wippmann”. In English they would have called him “Bob”, meaning literally the same, because of the way it bobs backwards and forwards on a base. Training Manager Ulrich Schmelter and his apprentices are on hand throughout the session to offer advice and assistance. Interested students can also obtain information about commercial / technical apprenticeships with the company.

“By building ‘Wippmann’, the students learn how metal is processed,” explains Ulrich Schmelter. “The skills they acquire can also be useful later on if they join thyssenkrupp Bilstein as an apprentice.” The students are therefore also free to find out about any career opportunities in the training workshop. The company provides training in a total of seven different commercial/technical professions.

Training workshop for the production of shock absorbers at thyssenkrupp Bilstein
Two pupils working with a vice at the thyssenkrupp Bilstein workshop

The project was launched in February 2017, in cooperation with the zdi network Ennepe-Ruhr, the South Westphalian association for technological innovation. It serves as a means of acquiring trainees in MINT professions in North Rhine-Westphalia. Practical activities at thyssenkrupp Bilstein enable students to gain an insight into commercial/technical professions and thus an impression of what it means to work in a state-of-the-art, multifaceted company.