Wörthersee Treffen. The largest Volkswagen show on the planet

Running for weeks at a time and takes over a series of small Austrian villages, this is show-car heaven

The annual Wörthersee Treffen is one of the largest car events anywhere in the world. Officially it usually takes place in the last week of may each year and started from humble beginnings. Nowadays the show is officially backed by Volkswagen and attracts people from all around the globe to the picturesque Austrian resort of Lake Wörthersee.

Wörthersee show hasn’t always been on a giant scale however; it all started around 35 years ago when a small group of VW enthusiasts met at an Austrian hotel to discuss their newfound passion for the marque. Fast-forward to today and the official show has grown into a weeklong event with over 100,000 visitors attending each year. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s said that unofficially the show can be anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 weeks long and hundreds of thousands more flock to the region to experience the festival in their own unique way. BILSTEIN attend the event to seek out the latest automotive trends and join in with the Volkswagen party atmosphere.

Two old VW Beetle at the largest Volkswagen show
The annual Wörthersee Treffen

The official, VW-backed part of the festival is where Volkswagen choose to show off concepts to it’s fan base and often create one off specials to get in involved in the show’s spirit. For the really hardcore VW fanatics however, it’s the pre-show that really counts, these guys can arrive weeks before the official start of the show to present their latest builds for the world to see. You’ll find just about every type of modification possible at Wörthersee. From 1000bhp drag cars, BILSTEIN equipped track cars and ground scraping show cars, there is something for everyone here.  Cars from all over Europe make their pilgrimage to the event and show off the unique style of their area or club.

crowded street with VW fanatics

It’s strange to think that when the founders of the show first came with their Golf GTIs to Reifnitz in the early 1980’s, the cars were barely 8 years old and carried only subtle modifications. It’s crazy to think that this movement has snowballed into such a fantastic celebration of modified cars and really is a must to experience for any VW fan.

Cars of VW fanatics standing in a row
Red Volvo 244