Young female racing driver uses Modular Damper System

Customised suspensions from the BILSTEIN Service Center

For over 50 years our suspensions have been a fixed component of various race series. Likewise, for example, in the Alfa Romeo GTV Cup in the 1990s. At the time, it was racing driver Luca Somaschini who represented the party on shock absorbers for us. Now his daughter Rachele uses our Modular Damper System in the Italian MINI Challenge and the hill climb championships. The young female racing driver, known for having cystic fibrosis, collects donations at every race which go toward the research of the to-date incurable metabolic disease.

BILSTEIN suspensions as a family tradition

In the Alfa Romeo GTV Cup we were not only suppliers but also a technical partner and sponsor. Rachele’s father’s vehicle was accordingly equipped with threaded dampers, which were developed by us in German Ennepetal and delivered via the current BILSTEIN Service Center N.T.P in Italy. That Luca would one day “bequeath” the suspension manufacturer to his daughter was written in the stars.

Always well equipped with our suspension kit

Rachele is currently competing in her MINI F56 in the Italian MINI Challenge. She is en route on our shock absorbers. As in the Alfa Romeo GTV Cup, we are also represented in the MINI Challenge Italia as a technical partner and sponsor. The MINIs have been equipped with our Modular Damper System from N.T.P on the front and rear axles. The multi-configurable adjustment range enables the teams maximum flexibility as the set-up can be adapted to the racing track without problems from changes. Rachele even holds her ground during the demanding hill climbing within the CIVM Championship. There she has a MINI R56 as support which is likewise on our MDS suspension kit. It was developed and adapted at the BILSTEIN Service Center N.T.P. Through the 2-way adjustability, the suspension can be maximally individualised and adjusted to the incidences on-site.

En route for the good cause

Rachele is always accompanied by her illness. This is currently incurable. For that reason you can read “#CorrerePerUnRespiro” on her front windscreen, which means so much as “Racing for a breath”. The young racing driver collects donations throughout the season and in doing so supports an initiative, which generates awareness for an illness and finances its research.