BILSTEIN B4 air spring module for the Mercedes Benz M-class W164/W166

These tips and tricks will help you with the installation of BILSTEIN air spring modules on the front axle

In 1997, we developed the active air spring module in partnership with Mercedes Benz. The revolutionary construction incorporates shock absorption, suspension and level control for optimum driving safety and maximum comfort in just one component. Many cars in higher price classes have since been fitted with active air suspension.

Still today, independent garages mostly deal with classic “steel suspension systems”. In our experience, this often gives rise to fear of touching anything when swapping out air spring modules. At the same time this is entirely unfounded if you heed some basic rules.

We offer an illustrated set of installation instructions for every air spring module. This contains all necessary installation instructions, is compact and contains a detailed description of the process. “Garage pros quite simply need our instruction manual – it really does contain everything. Every step is described in full and described in a way that’s easy to understand”, confirms BILSTEIN workshop manager Marco Kunert.

You should heed these tips and tricks in the installation of the BILSTEIN B4 air spring module for the Mercedes Benz M-class W164/W166 on the front axle.

Installation Instructions: Follow our installation instructions step by step. Incorrect installation can lead to irreparable damage to the new part or the vehicle.

Left/right components: The BILSTEIN B4 air spring modules for the Mercedes Benz M-class W164/W166 are also left/right components. This means you should check the corresponding association before installation. You should also ensure that the air spring modules are only ever replaced in pairs per axle. Power tools such as air screwdrivers must not be used when installing the air spring modules.

Special information for the W164: With the GL model in the W164 range you must disassemble the strut brace.

Compressed air: Before you start with the disassembly of the old air spring modules, you must bleed the air from the air spring modules using the diagnostic system. Carefully loosen the pressure line until you hear the sound of effusing air, and wait until the residual pressure has dropped completely. Then close the line with a filler plug.

Pressure line connection: Once the installation of the new suspension strut is complete, undo the screw connection on the new air spring module. Do not remove the plastic stoppers beforehand. Replace the only pressure line connection with new components. Make sure the cutting ring is fitted correctly: The cone points towards the line. Then screw on the pressure line – observe the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications here.

Release the vehicle: A recurring installation error often happens just when the installation is almost complete. “The vehicle must never be completely released from the lifting platform with unpressurised air suspension otherwise this can cause irreparable damage”, warns Marco Kunert. Before release, the air spring module must be refilled via the diagnostic system and the pressure must have accumulated. You must then activate the vehicle’s lifting mode. “The vehicle may only be removed from the lifting platform once it raises itself up from the platform independently”, explains Marco.