Clubsport Battle: M3 vs Golf R

Which would you choose?

Clever four wheel drive vs purist rear wheel drive, naturally aspirated V8 vs big turbo for cylinder, hatch back vs coupe. These very different vehicles are tied together by one common trait; BILSTEIN Clubsport suspension. The Golf R is a stripped out track car with about 450bhp while the E92 M3 is packing about 430. Each has its own character but which to you prefer?

BILSTEIN Clubsport is geared towards the real track day enthusiast and translates years of motorsport experience and race winning technology into a coil-over for you to enjoy. With over 100 different damper setting variations possible, individual bump and rebound adjustment and camber adjustable top mounts BILSTEIN Clubsport should have any real driver drooling.

Despite all the adjustment on offer we haven’t made Clubsport hard to use, with an smart colour coding system – blue for bump, red for rebound. This ‘2-way adjustable system’ makes on the fly adjustments at the circuit a breeze.

We use the Nürburgring to test the performance of all their aftermarket suspension kits. Legends like Walter Röhrl are deeply involved with the Nürburgring test program and have direct input in how BILSTEIN products perform. Mr Röhrl says “what’s important is not the speed at which I do something, but the degree of perfection with which I do it. When I do something, I want to do it perfectly.” That’s the kind of attitude that ensures each product is manufactured to exacting standards.

BILSTEIN Clubsport features:

  • Individual bump and rebound adjustment
  • Monoball top mounts
  • Ride height adjustable
  • Nürburgring tested