Dubai: Capital of the G-Class

How the motor vehicle professionals of the desert metropolis help the premium off-road vehicle to be more comfortable

The Mercedes G-Class is regarded as one of the last icons of the automobile world: since its production in 1979, the G-Class has only changed – at least visually –to a limited extent. Despite, or more precisely, because of the minor changes, the off-road vehicle with its charismatic design stands out pleasantly from the now prevailing SUV monotony.

And perhaps that’s why the G-Class is so popular in Dubai, a region known for its more exclusive automobile taste. Ashley Boulter confirms: “There is a huge scene for Luxury and sports cars in Dubai. People here are always trying to get the newest models as quick as possible and are not afraid to spend a lot of money. Not a day goes by where you don’t see G-Classes, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and other luxury cars on the streets here.”

Ashley works as managing director for Munich Motor Works, a workshop that specialises in Mercedes-Benz and BMW and enjoys a high reputation in the scene. The automotive professionals have been looking after the automotive treasures of their exclusive clientele since 2009 and now operate two locations. Munich Motor Works is a subsidiary of John Auto Spare Parts, a company that has been supplying the market in the United Arab Emirates with high-quality spare parts for the German premium brands for over 20 years.

“We have built up a reputation for professionalism, quality and value for money servicing and repairs”, Ashley explains. So, it’s no wonder that Munich Motor Works and John Auto Spare Parts are committed to using only parts of the highest quality. That’s why the car professionals from Dubai included our products in their range early on: “As Bilstein is a supplier for Mercedes and BMW they are a very important supplier for us and the customer, as the suspension plays a huge role in driving comfort”.

And this applies in particular to the G-Class, which is widely used in Dubai, especially in the AMG variants. “G-Class owners expect the car to be reliable and cannot afford that it breaks down as it’s also used to drive in the desert”, Ashley explains. “The shocks from Bilstein are rarely changed and last very long, this makes the car more reliable”, says the car specialist. And he must know, because every month Munich Motor Works’ car professionals take care of 15 to 20 G-class cars.

“People here know“, Ashley adds, “that the driving can be a bit rough, as the car doesn’t have Airmatic shock absorbers and we keep getting asked if there is a way to change it and make it more smooth on the road”. So it’s a good thing that Ashley and Munich Motor Works have just the right product in their portfolio with the BILSTEIN B6 Comfort Kit!

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