Getting stuck in for a good cause

Wildevy 4×4 Familyday

Off roading is great fun and charity fundraising is incredibly important. Combining the two is a fantastic idea! Wildevy 4×4 Familyday is precisely that.

It is run by the Wildevy Manne organization that was formed to raise funds for charities and less fortunate people in the Burgersfort, Steelport and Lydenburg areas of South Africa. The foundation has been running for 11 years now and consists of all types of members of the local community.

Once a year 4×4 enthusiasts gather to an event held on the farm of PLM Boerdery, just 10km outside of Burgersfort. 120 vehicles participate and drivers and co drivers maneuver trails of variying difficulty.

Between 5000 and 7000 spectators flock to the event and this year a group of BILSTEINers from Goldwagen entered with a Jeep Wrangler fitted with BILSTEIN B8 5160 shock absorbers.

BILSTEIN B8 5160 is designed for aggressive off-road use. With an added remote reservoir, the BILSTEIN B8 5160 provides ultimate vehicle control on even the harshest terrain. Zinc plating and increased oil-capacity dissipate more heat assuring long-term durability and performance. Reservoir mounts are included in the box. An optional billet aluminium reservoir clamp is available for a more clean and compact look.

The team finished 27th in the field and joined in to raise money and awareness for a fantastic cause.

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