No Bilstein, no party

An unwritten law of party culture says that the less you expect from a party, the better it will be. The situation is apparently similar in the off-road sector, as a customer of our off-road partner 4×4 Proyect was now able to experience.

“One day a long-time customer contacted us,” says Nico Vogel of 4×4 Proyect from Spain. “He had just bought a new Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon of the 10th Anniversary Edition and wanted to convert it into the perfect all-rounder”. The specifications were clearly defined: The Jeep should be suitable both for driving to the office and for tougher off-road use. “In addition to a performance gain, everything should of course be absolutely reliable and safe. The customer should also not have to be afraid that the shock absorbers will blow up in your face in case of nasty transverse grooves,” says Nico.

The problem: The enthusiastic off-road customer already had precise ideas and wanted big fat bypass shock absorbers from a US competitor. For Nico, himself a passionate off-roader, it’s not the wisest decision: “They are quite OK for long straight sections, but if you also want to turn corners, they’re simply not ideal”. The customer was convinced by the Spanish suspension experts to give BILSTEIN a try.

No sooner said than done. The technicians at 4×4 Proyect installed BILSTEIN B8 8125 shock absorbers with 60 mm working pistons. In order to fully exploit the potential of the shock absorbers, the off-road pros also optimised the axle geometry of the Jeep Wrangler. The customer also benefits from the shock absorber’s external expansion tank, which makes it much more resistant to overheating, especially in the high-speed range. “The 25 cm of suspension travel the Wrangler now has is not the pride of creation in the off-road industry. But it’s impressive how sensitively the shock absorbers react”, Nico enthuses about the performance of the new suspension. “In addition,” continues Nico, “the suspension system combines high performance with comfort. Many customers often complain that their suspension system are too uncomfortable to drive. This is definitely not the case with our BILSTEIN solution”.

The test for the modified Jeep Wrangler JK should not be long in coming. Nico: “The customer drove off-road with friends a week later. He was so excited that he called us the same evening to tell us how delighted he was”. He was therefore not only surprised; but completely convinced by the BILSTEIN solution.

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