Radical transformation in Down Under

Adrian Wilson’s BMW M4: From a daily driver to a genuine racing car

Australia does not only have spectacular race tracks and with the V8 Supercars one of the most fascinating touring car series in the world. The amateur motorsport scene is also extremely vital on the fifth continent. One of the protagonists of the scene in Down Under is Adrian Wilson.

As so often for Adrian everything started with occasional track days and one or the other sports driver training. Since then, his former daily driver, a BMW M4 F82, has undergone a process of optimisation that can certainly be described as radical. When Adrian is on the road on the Australian circuits, his BMW looks more like a GT4 racing car that has little in common with conventional track tools.

At the front, the deep front lip and the side blades stand out, at the rear the rear wing in XXXL format. Of course, the engine was also subjected to a performance cure. A high-performance brake system ensures adequate deceleration of the fast BMW – at racing car level. Adrian didn’t compromise on the suspension either.

So Adrian trusts in our racetrack and motorsport experience and had a BILSTEIN Clubsport 2-way suspension with adapted valves installed. “I love my BILSTEIN set-up as it is completely custom and was installed by the team at Heasmans Australia,” says Adrian with great satisfaction. “It’s honestly incredible how much difference a quality set-up makes to circuit driving. And how the minute adjustments in the shocks, when guided and advised correctly by the pros, makes the difference.”

Adrian profits from the quite good race track density around his hometown Sydney. “I am local to Sydney Motorsport Park and Wakefield, as well as Winton and Pheasants Nest Marula. My favourite is Bathurst – of course“, Adrian says. However, the Australian would also like to get to know the racetracks in Europe: “I am super keen to visit Nurburgring and Spa, that‘s on my bucket list in the next year or two.“

Infected with the motorsport virus only about three years ago, Adrian has been able to gain a lot of racing track experience since then. And because both material and talent are perfect, Adrian decided this year to take the next step in his still young motorsport career: “I am really excited to be racing in the „ProdSports” series this year which will be a step up for me. It is a brilliant category with 8 rounds, a mix of local and interstate rounds, including 1 hour enduros at Bathurst, Philip Island, The Bend and Sydney Motorsport Park, plus shorter 30 min sprint races at Wakefield and Sydney Motorsport Park.

The step into semi-professional motorsport also brings new challenges for Adrian. Because Australia is big. The BMW driver now has to tackle well over 1,000 kilometres to travel to some of the race tracks of the “ProdSports” series. – Nothing compared to the 16,000 kilometres to the Nürburgring…

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