The right setting for each track

BILSTEIN workshop tip: Adjustment of shock absorbers and springs

Through the use of shock absorbers or chassis with adjustable damping force, it is possible to meet individually customer demands in driving performance. Both the comfort-oriented and the sporty driver can find their preferred settings / preferences.

Example BILSTEIN B16

These coilovers allow a proverbial “ride” to the perfect compromise between the feeling and the comfort while driving. Adjustments can be made quickly and without tools. The BILSTEIN B16 with mechanical parallel adjustment of the pull and pressure stage in ten distinctly noticeable clicks offers by a simple damping force adjustment in the installed state a maximum degree of individuality.

BILSTEIN 1-way adjustment: Perfectly fine-tuned sport
Based on the high-performance BILSTEIN mono-tube technology, the BILSTEIN 1-way adjustment provides easy damping power adjustment in situ by turning the adjuster at the shock absorber. Ten noticeable clicks give a clear haptic feedback. By adjusting rebound and bump at the same time, the driving characteristics can be perfectly fine-tuned to your individual needs. This means that with our BILSTEIN 1-way adjustment you experience sporty driving at its finest.

Action and function of the damping force adjustment on BILSTEIN B16 example
The basic characteristic is implemented through the precisely defined valve passage and resistance in the shock absorber piston. The damping force adjustment is achieved through a bypass (running parallel to the shock absorber piston) which regulates an additional oil flow. This achieves a “softer” characteristic. On the BILSTEIN B16, the bypass change occurs parallel in pressure and rebound stage.

Individual basic setting
Immediately after installation, the basic setting is made according to the wishes of the customer. The sporty driver may feel the most comfortable with five clicks on the front and rear axles, while the comfort-oriented driver may prefer the fourth step. Through the test drives, the right coordination is tested individually for each customer.

Because the BILSTEIN B16 has been extensively tested in the BILSTEIN driving test, it is just as easy to ride in the toughest setting as in the most comfortable. The front and rear axles can of course be set independently of each other.

In the following overview, you will find some rules for the adjustment of the shock absorbers and springs.