Serious about circuit driving? We have the perfect suspension

BILSTEIN Clubsport is the choice for track day enthusiasts

When we modify our cars we are making them more specific to our objectives, moving the goalposts from an all round performer in the search of driving pleasure and speed. It can be said that the original manufacturer made the best car possible within the design parameters, this includes packaging limitations, market preference and of course budget. This is also true of the original suspension; it is designed to please a wide range of palettes. This is why we offer a range of solutions with a targeted intention. BILSTEIN Clubsport is for those wanting optimum performance at the circuit while still being able to drive home in comfort after.

This coupled with easy to use adjustment wheels and circuit focused springs provide the perfect partner for track day driving. Ashley Stewart is one driver who has been on a journey towards pure track enjoyment with his MK7 Golf R. Originally starting out with a stock car; Ashley soon found limitations with the standard car and began to upgrade them to suit his needs. ‘Its not that the standard car was bad, I’m just using it way outside of the original design parameters’ Ash is quick to point out.

Early on in the development of this Golf R Ashley fitted BILSTEIN B16 coil overs and noted a huge improvement in driving pleasure and track times. As the rest of the car got more serious and he opted to move away from road tyres onto sticky R Compound track day tyres he became interested in the BILSTEIN Clubsport technology. ‘The BILSTEIN Clubsport kit comes with camber adjustable top mounts and two way adjustable damping’ says Ash. This allows him to hone the geometry setup to make better use of his tyre upgrade and also control the suspension damping as he removes weight from the car and develops the setup. Billet rear top mounts complete the upgrade and ooze motorsport.

This MK7R is now every inch the track car and thanks to the adjustability of the Clubsport package Ash can continue to tune the suspension as he finds more grip in the chassis, all the while safe in the knowledge that BILSTEIN Clubsport can be backed off to a road setting for the journey home and includes unrivalled corrosion resistance. It’s the perfect blend of race and road technology.