Do you have what it takes to crack 24 hours at the Green Hell?

Welcome to the toughest race on earth, even for spectators
Review 2017

What do you get when you combine an extended 25km long Nordschleife circuit, spectacular endurance racing cars and an all night 24-hour party? N24, that’s what! It’s the ultimate test of endurance for drivers, cars and spectators alike. The legendary Nürburgring north loop is joined to the modern Grand Prix circuit to create a mammoth 25km long test of man and machine. Over 200 vehicles and up to 700 drivers push through the night, thrilling onlookers with unique atmosphere and drama.

To make matters even more interesting, the micro-climate surrounding the circuit can be exceptionally changeable. One minute it can be warm and sunny, the next pouring with rain or hale.  This uniquely unpredictable place plays havoc with the running and spectators see fantastic opportunities for leader changes and last-minute pit stops and tyre changes can become the norm.

The annual GT Endurance race has been held since the early 1970s and is one of the few long-distance races that allow professional outfits to complete alongside amateurs. This makes for a hugely varied grid with anything from an Opel Manta to an ex-touring car sharing the racetrack with manufacturer-backed wide body GT3 efforts. Each year many of the top cars on the starting grid run BILSTEIN suspension systems, a look back through the events long history will show you that no other suspension manufacturer can enjoy such an illustrious track record. This is why BILSTEIN are proud to call the Nürburgring home and support the N24 race in a unique way each year.

Some people say the N24 experience is more like a festival than a traditional motoring event and we’re inclined to agree. People line the circuits with their own home-made gantries and viewing platforms, some bring sofas and some even bring paddling pools to cool off with a beer in the intermittent searing heat. The atmosphere makes it exceptionally popular with spectators so expect to be sharing your viewing space with people close to you. If there’s one thing to be sure of at N24, it’s you should expect the unexpected. The same goes for the racing, if the action seems to be calming into a steady flow expect drama to be imminent, usually sparked by the weather.

Don’t be afraid to explore the long circuit during the race either, sometimes the best vantage points can be in harder to reach areas and you will see all sorts of ingenious paths people take to get a better look at the track. Whether you’re planning your first trip or your tenth, nothing quite prepares you for N24 and every year will be a unique experience, BILSTEIN come back every year and there is no sign of us stopping yet!