The Beauty is a Beast

Dino Cicala drives the fastest BMW M3 in Italy

When Dino Cicala talks about his BMW M3, it almost sounds like a love story. And classic love stories don’t start on online dating sites, but with real world dates. And then it hits you, or not. And Dino, for his part, was pretty blown away.

I was looking for this specific car for a while but struggling to find the right one. But after a few months, I found it”, Dino says about his first encounter with the M3, sometime in 2015 in Bari, Italy. From that point on, the coupé was no longer a normal car. “She was perfect. Stunning in her orignal white painting, all parts were oringinal and she looked like brand new. Well, I fell in love”, Dino recalls.

Despite the perfect original condition of his BMW M3 E46, hardly a single part remained untouched. Because Dino had a very ambitious goal: to build the fastest M3 in Italy – as he already had the most beautiful one.

The beautiful M3 became a radical racing machine. Engine, brakes, oil and water cooling etc. received extensive upgrades for maximum performance on the track. Many components were modified together with EB Racing from Settimo Milanese near Milano.

Dino didn’t do things by halves when it came to the suspension either, and of course he chose products from BILSTEIN: One of the first places Dino went to was the “BILSTEIN Technical Center” of N.T.P. near Bolzano in South Tyrol. “For me N.T.P. is the most important reference talking about suspension expertise in Italy,” Dino is convinced. “I wanted to choose the best.” Together with Dino, the suspension professionals decided on a tailor-made BILSTEIN MDS 2-way racing suspension with adjustable camber and caster.

“The car is terrific, it goes through the corners amazingly and absorbs curbs and bumpy tarmac smoothly”, Dino is absolutely thrilled. “The damping force adjustment is very intuitive, you can feel immediately the difference between one or two clicks +/- of bump or rebound setting. In this way you can get a fine tuning close to perfection.”

And Dino needs that perfection, because the Italian is an avid Time Attack rider. In this motorsport format, it’s all about delivering to the point and driving the perfect lap on the track. And with his heavily modified BMW M3 Dino succeeded again and again: The BMW fan won the championship in the Italian Time Attack four times in a row – and once even the title in the European Time Attack. Target achieved!

“What I love about my car is that I can drive her as fast as possible and she always stays predictable and friendly even if I’m squeezing the best from her”, explains Dino. “The balance is everything in my opinion, and I may have less horsepower than my competitors but I can still fight with them thanks to this great balance.”

Even though Dino likes the characteristics of the high-revving 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine (“S54”) in his M3, a new project is coming up soon: In the near future Dino and EB Racing want to run a turbocharged BMW M2. And one thing is certain: Dino of course wants to rely on BILSTEIN again for the project. Together with N.T.P., he already has a few ideas…