The Darling of the Audience

BMW E36 M3 with Jägermeister paint scheme

BMW and Jägermeister: A pairing that stood for spectacular racing cars in international motorsport for decades. In the 70s and 80s, the 320 Turbo in the German Racing Championship and the 635 CSi in the European Touring Car Championship caused a sensation with their bright orange paintwork. When the Munich company and the herb liqueur producer continued their cooperation in 1998, Prince Leopold of Bavaria and Christian Menzel were absolute favourites with the public, despite their limited success in their “Jägermeister BMW” 320i. In those days, a young motorsport fan must have taken a very close look at it: Almost two decades later, Dennis Voll remembers the orange-painted touring cars.

In 2016, the Key Account Manager buys a BMW M3 E36, built in 1993. Born out of necessity, Dennis decides to go for the historic Jägermeister livery. Finally, the used M3 is painted orange inside and out. A completely new paintwork would have stressed the budget too much. The money was needed for other expenses. “The car was technically in a good condition, but looked awfully ugly. The body kit was a disaster,” Dennis smiles. A new body kit and new BBS wheels with the dimensions 10×18 inch (front) and 11×18 inch (rear) were needed to improve the visual appearance.

The M3 was considerably optimised also in other respects. Dennis: “I turned the car completely upside down, but left the BILSTEIN suspension in it”. For good reasons: His research revealed that it was a flawless racing suspension that BILSTEIN had developed together with BMW Motorsport in the 1990s. “I quickly realised that this was a highly professional chassis of mega high quality,” the 32-year-old adds.

“I contacted BILSTEIN because the previous owner had installed other BILSTEIN shock absorbers in the rear that did not fit the rest,” Dennis remembers. The “Jägermeister-M3” got new rear shock absorbers, the chassis was completely revised, adjusted, and is absolutely new today. “For me, there was never a reason to install a new suspension,” Dennis is convinced. “It’s cool that even as a non-engineer I can achieve my perfect setup quite easily with clearly noticeable clicks,” says Dennis about his suspension, which can be adjusted in parallel in the traction and compression phase.

The state-of-the-art 360 hp BMW M3 is now at home at the Nürburgring. “The setup of the suspension is specially designed for the Nordschleife, so that’s a good fit,” says Dennis, who has been driving the Nordschleife regularly since 2012. It is no surprise that Dennis is well known in the Nürburgring scene with his “Jägermeister-BMW”. A real darling of the audience.

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