VLN season 2018: BILSTEIN teams see numerous overall and class victories!

Successful long-distance season at the Nürburgring

Another exciting VLN season ended with the 43rd DMV Münsterlandpokal on 20th October 2018. And once again, numerous BILSTEIN teams were at the front, where the action is.

With two overall victories and third place at the end, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 of the Black Falcon team raced in the top positions each time. Driver Hubert Haupt was satisfied with the podium finish in the last race at the Nürburgring: “Third place after two victories this season is a perfect way to end the motorsport year”.

The Black Falcon sister car, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 with starting number 163, was in no way inferior to the GT3 racers. In the SP10 class the drivers Stefan Karg, Fidel Leib and Moritz Oberheim achieved four victories. In the final reckoning they had to admit a narrow defeat by Yannick Mettler and Heiko Eichenberg in the BMW M4 GT4 from Team Securtal Sorg Rennsport.

The VLN season for Konrad Motorsport was marked by many ups and downs. Third place in the class at VLN6 was the best result of the team under team manager Franz Konrad. At the last VLN race of the season, Christopher Brück and Michele Di Martino were able to drive their Lamborghini Huracán GT 3 in eighth place in the SP9 Pro class and ninth place overall. Thus, the season came to a successful end for Konrad Motorsport.

In the SP8, Christian Kohlhaas, Mike Jäger and Stephan Köhler from the Racing One team won the class in the Ferrari 458 GT3. Tim Schrick and Lucian Gavris crowned their outstanding season in the SP3, the 2-litre vehicle class, in the Subaru BRZ. A deserved success: The class victory with a Japanese sports car.

The season was much more difficult for Jürgen Freiburg in the “Pioneer Corrado”. We remember how in winter, Jürgen, who works for us as Head of Health and Safety in Ennepetal and Bochum, set up a new racing Corrado with his team. The predecessor had suffered a write-off following a VLN accident, through no fault of its own, in autumn 2017. In the first race of the 2018 season, Jürgen had to park his brand new VW Corrado after another accident, again by no fault of his own. What followed was a series of ups and downs for the darling of the VLN audience. At the seventh race of the season Jürgen was able to finish with the Corrado in fifth place in the H2 class. This was a conciliatory result for Jürgen, who thanked all helpers, fans and marshals after the race: “Thanks to everyone for keeping their fingers crossed, for their help, and thanks to the marshals for an emotional introductory and final lap. Our team and I have enjoyed every thumbs-up, flash of the indicator and lifted cap to the fullest.” Sometimes it doesn’t always have to be an overall or class win.


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