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Advance quality car builder

Advance Tuning shop does things a little differently. They value the character of the vehicle as the most important factor and seek to develop this with the modifications they specify.

The Japanese tuning scene always holds a certain mystique to western onlookers and a peek into Advance would surely confirm any curiosities. Highly track prepared late 1990s and early 2006s heroes pepper the workshops. Wide bodywork, wings and splitters adorn the brightly coloured flanks. Each car has its own authentic style that has developed over time; it is not contrived or designed. It is almost organic.

When specifying suspension for these unique creations Advance look to BILSTEIN. Our tunable suspension solutions allow Advance to develop the nature of the vehicles to both please their owners and enhance performance.

A quick look around the workshop confirms this and one NSX in particular stands out with huge BILSTEIN script across the biplane rear wing. BILSTEIN technology not only aids scientific development of performance vehicles, but also the grass roots car culture of true enthusiasts.

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