Flying the flag down under

Rod Salmon’s A45 AMC Car

The Mercedes A45 is a formidable car in standard form, let alone one prepared to race specification with specially developed BILSTEIN Clubsport suspension. That’s precisely what Rod Salmon has at his disposal and is flying the flag for BILSTEIN in the Australian Manufacturers’ Championship (AMC).

Rod is a two-time Bathurst 12-hour winner and has campaigned this all-new Mercedes A45 to great effect this year. The secret to the success is BILSTEIN Clubsport technology. Adjustable bump and rebound damping gives unparalleled suspension control against other more powerful competitors like V8 Commodores and Mercedes C63s.

It’s not just hatchbacks or 4 cylinder cars benefitting from BILSTEIN technology however, Jeremy Gray is piloting a supercharged V8 Falcon in the AMC. With bundles of horsepower Jeremy called upon BILSTEIN Australia to create a custom solution to tame the beast. With just one round under his belt in the car, Jeremy is another one to watch at the front of the grid as time goes on.

BILSTEIN Clubsport technology is proving to be a significant advantage as the front-runners battle among each other, all of which run BILSTEIN. This makes for ferocious racing and the Australian Manufacturers Championship has become incredibly popular with fans seeking close racing with plenty of overtaking. When you think of touring cars this is precisely the sort of door to door tussling that comes to mind.

Rod’s car has relatively little development time under the wheels compared to the other A45s campaigned in the championship, but despite this Rod is proving to be very quick and his pace is sure to increase as the season draws on, promising even greater battles later in the year.