Legends never give up

24-hour race 2018: it’s our return as a contender to the Nürburgring

After a victory in 2016 and fifth place in 2017, we return as a contender to the Nürburgring in 2018. Naturally, we have ambition. We have captioned the 46th ADAC 24-hour race for ourselves and for all partners with a special motto: THE LEGEND STRIKES BACK.

The history of the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring is legendary. It began in 1970 and from the outset was dedicated to the popular sport. The huge starting grid and the array, almost four times the size, of bold men and women behind the wheel, paired with a very flexible set of rules, make the race unique, every year. We are one of the “originals”, a reliable partner for decades – for the Nürburgring and above all for the race teams who are facing this indescribable challenge again and again: 24 hours through the Green Hell.

“We have experienced and celebrated great wins with our partners. The most recent we were able to determine with AMG and BLACK FALCON on the last lap.  A real Eifel thriller, which began two years ago.  Likewise, we have experienced painful defeats, which have also shaped us”, is how Florian Hägemann, Head of Marketing at BILSTEIN, sums it up. “Sometimes you enter the Ring as the hunted and sometimes you enter as the hunter. In 2018, we are once again hunting, we are the challenger.  A role, which is not unfamiliar to us. A role, which we actually really like”, adds Martin Flick, Head of Motorsport at BILSTEIN. Confidence doesn’t arise from approximations. With AMG and BLACK FALCON we already have made progress in the 24-hour race season: a perfect overall victory at the 24-hour in Dubai.

“Drive the legend. That is our brand statement. And legends never give up, certainly not BILSTEIN LEGENDS. They always strike back. And when it’s at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, for us that means we’re coming home. It’s here that we test our products – under the hardest of conditions, on the most dangerous race track of the world. The desire to win the 24-hour race is an inner drive for us. This is what we work for time and time again – persistently, purposefully, with all our partners. For this reason we have written something big on the flags this year:  The legend strikes back.”, explains Florian Hägemann, the ambitious motto for the 46th ADAC Zurich 24-hour race.  The motto is equally a tribute to all partners who have received a special platform in years gone by with the BILSTEIN LEGENDS. “We are looking forward to the new requirements of the 24-hour race, we are ready and in support of all partners, fans and friends who are using our shock absorbers and for those who would like to once again have a cool and hopefully successful time at the Ring”, concludes Martin Flick.