Perfectly tailored to high performance and comfort

thyssenkrupp Bilstein DampTronic® sky as a guarantee for intelligent suspension design

The new BMW ALPINA B5 Bi-Turbo speaks a clear language: The manufacturer has described the vehicle as a symbiosis of sportiness, comfort and luxury. The suspension of the 608 HP B5, available as a limousine or Touring estate, is equally versatile. The new DampTronic® sky shock absorbers from thyssenkrupp Bilstein have been installed. They ensure an infinitely variable damper control that can adapt the damping force for each wheel individually within a few milliseconds. At the push of a button, the driving behaviour changes from fully dynamic in Sport+ mode to smooth gliding in the Comfort+ setting.

When developing the DampTronic® sky shock absorbers, great emphasis was placed on harmonising driving comfort, driving safety and agility in an optimal way. To this end, two infinitely variable valves in each unit regulate the damping force. The separate adjustment of rebound and bump allows extraordinary comfort, without having to compromise driving dynamics and sportiness.

Using acceleration and wheel path sensors, the control module of the suspension system can individually adapt the damping forces for each wheel within milliseconds and thus respond to the effects of rough roads in an optimal way. The occupants are thus cushioned almost fully from these effects. The bodywork of the BMW ALPINA B5 Bi-Turbo nevertheless still has the best possible stability, thus ensuring that comfort is not achieved at the cost of sportiness.

Thanks to the high-end semi-active damper control system from thyssenkrupp Bilstein, the BMW ALPINA B5 Bi-Turbo is guaranteed to keep the vehicle body running smoothly, regardless of the driving conditions and road condition. Metaphorically speaking: The vehicle behaves as if the bodywork were suspended by an imaginary hook over the road. In addition to the distinctive driving dynamics and sportiness, the DampTronic® sky shock absorbers therefore ensure first-class comfort for long-distance journeys. Or as the test verdicts put it: The suspension masters the delicate balancing act between sportiness and everyday suitability supremely.[1]

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