BILSTEIN B8 improves roadholding and safety

Regal Autosport’s hardest working member of staff receives an upgrade.

If you’ve been to this performance tuning expert’s Southampton premises you may well have encountered this ominous, black Vauxhall Signum skulking around. It is arguably the toughest member of the team, having covered hundreds of thousands of miles and has the battle scares to tell a tale on every one of them.

What you might not know however is what lies beneath the bruised skin. At the heart of the beast is a 250bhp 380ft/lb hybrid turbocharged 2.0 diesel engine, a Wavetrac differential equipped 6 speed gearbox and huge Vectra VXR brakes. It boosts to 30psi and will top 170mph. This is no ordinary parts getter.

It shares company with numerous Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi and BMW performance models in the car park but is usually the weapon of choice for under-the-radar parts getting night time runs. Those that know it affectionately call it the ‘Millennium Falcon’ for this very reason.

Naturally, with so many hard miles under its belt, components wear out and require replacement. This car has worn numerous different brands of suspension over its 13 years of life. Regal purchased the car new and it was modified the moment it got back to the workshop. The preferred suspension for the Signums lifestyle is a set of yellow BILSTEIN B8 dampers.

BILSTEIN B8 gas-pressure shock absorbers offer the perfect performance enhancement to go with the sporty look of lowering springs. The specially shortened high-performance shocks guarantee the required damper pairing for lowering springs and support a fast road, dynamic driving experience. Simply put, they are the perfect match for lowering springs and give an OE ride quality even with reduced ride height.

What’s more, they increase roadholding and stability. Improving braking and handling for increased safety. The perfect damper for a dependable, reliable parts chaser.