BILSTEIN Summer Sale is go! Save 25% on Coilovers

Welcome to the BILSTEIN Summer Sale. We’re going Coilover Crazy for summer 2019 and offering a whopping 25% off the retail price of our B14 and B16 coilover kits. There has never been a better time to join the crew!

From 1st July through to 31st August 2019 we’re offering a huge saving on B14 and B16 coilover kits. Why? It’s because we recognise how cool it is to get your car lowered and handling properly for the summer sun. The summer is short enough in the UK so let’s enjoy it!

We’ve teamed up with specialist dealers that can advise you on the perfect coilover kit for your needs. Simply click here:

and answer the short questionnaire to be teamed with a dealer who can help.

Both B14 and B16 are high performance coilover kits that allow you to lower your car and access a new level of driving enjoyment, but what is the difference?


The BILSTEIN B14 kit allows you to individually lower your car via a threaded spring platform. This allows you to make your car sit just how you like over your wheels and tyres. Each kit is road-tested under extreme motorsport conditions and allows you to lower your vehicle approximately 30mm to 50mm, front and back, providing maximum flexibility and pure individuality.

Triple-C-Technology® surface coating means you’ll enjoy long lasting corrosion resistance, well into winter and beyond.


BILSTEIN B16 is the second tier of the BILSTEIN coil-over range, sitting just above the non-adjustable BILSTEIN B14 units, BILSTEIN B16 features an effective single point damping adjustment. This easy to use wheel allows a parallel adjustment of bump and rebound. Simply put – you can never confuse the settings, each click delivers a perfectly matched rebound and bump setting, each one softer or harder than the last and allows you to adjust the performance to your individual taste. This option is great for those looking for the performance advantage.

We have a range of coilover kits for just about every car. Be it your daily driver diesel, small hatchback or luxury saloon, a BILSTEIN coilover kit can improve the ride and handling but more importantly, the fun!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get out in the sun and drive! Click here to contact your nearest specialist: