BILSTEIN DampTronic®

I Love Bass install F80 M3 B16 kit

Irish blog superstars get to grips with BILSTEIN technology

Created at the start of 2010, I Love Bass was founded by Adam McPeake and James Preston.

The pair were super interested in photography, particularly car photography. Putting two and two together (literally) they begin to put photos online. After doing this for a while, they decided they should host a website so they could share their photos.

The guys now travel around the world to car events and shows and I Love Bass (now I Love Bass Drivers Club) now hosts content from across the globe. When not on an airport lounge editing photos and videos Adam can be found pretending to work on his F80 M3 project, check out how he got on installing BILSTEIN B16 to his F80 M3 below: