On the road in safety and comfort – on two and three wheels

BILSTEIN gas-pressure shock absorbers for motorbikes and side cars

BILSTEIN suspension technology expertise is not only in high demand in motorsports or original equipment for passenger vehicles. The company from Ennepetal also delivers individual and perfectly coordinated solutions for motorbikes. The smallest series from two units are already implemented according to customer requirements.

For almost 50 years, BILSTEIN has produced gas-pressure shock absorbers for motorbikes, motorcycle combinations as well as vintage and new motorbikes. It serves the segments Road, Off-Road as MotoCross. The BILSTEIN motorbike dampers have been sold for more than ten years at www.bilstein-motorrad.de by the company Mobec from Uhingen in the Göppingen region, which found a reliable partner in BILSTEIN, whose special custom-made products met all demands for comfort and performance. The special feature here is that Mobec not only equips motorbikes, but also its own tandems with BILSTEIN gas-pressure shock absorbers, and they also retrofit older tandems from all manufacturers and side cars with BILSTEIN products. The company’s extensive warehouse also ensures short delivery times.

The motorbike dampers specially developed by BILSTEIN for Mobec fully satisfy all technical construction aspects of tandems. For example, the size of the dampers installed, with a piston diameter of 36 mm, is smaller than for most cars. The motorbike dampers therefore require less space, which is of particular value in this sector. This is made possible by the use of slim mono-tube gas-pressure dampers. Despite the small dimensions, the BILSTEIN mono-tube technology offers greater damping force, better handling, constantly higher performance as well as a longer lifetime compared to twin-tube dampers. In addition, heat is radiated directly, meaning that the dampers do not overheat. The necessary damping performance is therefore always available. BILSTEIN mono-tube dampers can also be installed irrespective of position, i.e. “upside-down”. This method of instalment guarantees greater stability within the damper unit and offers greater reserves, even if forces do not apply in the working direction. BILSTEIN shock absorbers are therefore best-suited for motorbikes and tandems.

To boot, the BILSTEIN motorbike dampers, unlike the models installed in passenger vehicles, can predominantly be installed individually. Motorbikes and side cars can therefore be aligned optimally with one another in order to meet the high demands of Mobec’s customers. With BILSTEIN, Mobec found a partner who could consistently implement all requirements and in the meantime produces a range of 150 different damper types for motorbikes, which can overcome any challenge with flying colours. They are therefore frequently used for new motorbike tandems and as improved OE replacements because they offer overall better performance compared with serial parts.

The special requirements of the Mobec company for shock absorbers are implemented by the BILSTEIN Special Customer Request Department (KSW). If the BILSTEIN range does not have a suitable product, then solutions tailor-made to the demands will be developed and produced there. The smallest series from two units are produced manually in Ennepetal, regardless of whether on two, three or four wheels. “For almost 25 years, BILSTEIN has provided us with motorbike dampers, which are constructed precisely to our specifications. As soon as there are new challenges, BILSTEIN delivers the suitable solution for us”, emphasises the head of Mobec GmbH, Elisabeth Beck.