Revitalise your daily driver with the BILSTEIN Summer Sale

It has never been a better time to upgrade your suspension. Thanks to 25% off in the BILSTEIN Summer Sale, even your daily driver can benefit from Nürburgring-derived performance.

The BILSTEIN Summer Sale is on NOW and ends 31st August 2019. There is still time to take advantage of 25% off all coilover suspension and visit your local dealer for fitting. Click here to find out more.

The BMW E46 is a familiar sight on UK roads and really popular car to munch huge numbers of miles in relative comfort at speed on a daily basis. This makes it the perfect candidate for a daily driver, especially in diesel Touring form.

BILSTEIN provide suspension upgrades for all E46 models, from 316i all the way up to M3 and including the very uncommon xi and xd variants.

This particular 330D touring has covered just shy of a quarter of a million miles. Which sounds like a lot and it is, what is unusual is that all of those miles were covered on the original ‘M’ suspension. It’s little surprise that these original shock absorbers were past their best and due for replacement.

To equip the car for the many thousands of miles to come, plus provide an upgrade in the handling department along the way, a set of BILSTEIN B14 coilovers has been fitted. With 25% off during the BILSTEIN Summer Sale, it has never been easier to make the jump to coilover suspension.

Both front shock absorbers on this leggy 330D had begun to leak fluid and were no longer working to control suspension movement. This is not only uncomfortable and tiring for occupants but also increases stopping distances, reduces roadholding and in extreme cases can be dangerous.

A fresh BILSTEIN B14 coilover kit is a stark contrast to the old suspension on the car. The BILSTEIN B14 kit allows you to individually lower your car via a threaded spring platform, bringing your car closer to the ground.

Threaded adjustment allows you to make your car sit just how you like. Each kit is road-tested under extreme motorsport conditions and allows you to lower your vehicle approximately 30mm to 50mm, front and back, providing maximum flexibility and pure individuality. What’s more; it’s developed at the Nürburgring to bring excellent handling to your daily driver.

Triple-C-Technology® surface coating means you’ll enjoy long lasting corrosion resistance, well into winter and beyond.

A subtle 20mm lowering over the M sports suspension should allow the E46 touring to carry heavy loads and still have ample ground clearance. An added bonus is if wheels and tyres are changed at a later date, the suspension can be adjusted to correct the look or clearance with ease

It now has a visual and dynamic edge over other E46 tourings on the road and the lower roofline adds an air of individuality.

With BILSTEIN B14 installed the 330D takes on a more sporty, performance-orientated nature. Not only in looks but in the driving characteristics, especially when compared to the tired factory suspension.

It’s not just performance that is improved though, braking distances are reduced and occupant safety is increased over standard. What are you waiting for? Breathe new life into your daily driver!

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