Small but perfectly formed

Introducing our Audi A1 project.

The Audi A1 sportback combined stylish Audi looks with the practicality of a 5 door hatchback. It is the perfect city go-kart, especially when powered by Audi’s 1.4T FSi power-plant. It embodies how just enough can really be a heap of fun.

Because the A1 sportback has such a concise and compact character we didn’t want to over-egg the cake when looking to improve on the formula. Our objective was to enhance the sporting nature without removing any of the practicality and allow the A1 to break out from the city and stretch its legs on country roads.

To do this we enlisted some of our favourite brands to supply upgrades in all the key areas that are responsible for performance. Tarox brakes improve the braking performance and add an additional level of safety while a Milltek exhaust and Revo software act on the other end of the scale to provide more power and an exciting soundtrack. Eibach anti-roll bars join Nankang tyres and lightweight OZ wheels while our own B14 coilover kit completes the footwork. The TT shop brought the project to life and set the A1 up for fast road use.

The result is an awesome dual-purpose machine that can mix it with the big boys on a country sprint but is perfectly docile and comfortable for the school run.