Speedwells Porsche 997 Turbo R

It’s 9am on a sunny spring morning and I’m heading deep into the industrial heartlands of Birmingham to check out a very special car. It’s taken a while to get to this point, as the owner, Iby, has had a few ECU issues to deal with, but as I take a left into his industrial estate, I can see it was worth the wait.

Ahead of me sits one of the most imposing cars I’ve ever seen. Flanked by metal fencing outside Iby’s Speedwells alloy wheel business, this ultra-wide, bright red Porsche looks totally out of place lurking in the shadows. Its number plate – F1 8OMB – further adds to the sense that this is something special.

Iby is no stranger to highly tuned cars, having owned many over the years, including a very well known Supra. The 997 Turbo is the next step in his automotive evolution, but like all of his cars, it had to be something special.

Based on a stock 997 Turbo – a pretty good place to start – Iby has totally transformed this boosted Porsche. It’s now wearing a full GT3 R carbon fibre aero kit, supplied by V.A.D. It adds huge width and includes deeply sculpted air intakes behind the rear wheels, and on top of the front arches.

The cavernous arches are filled with a set of equally large wheels in the form of Litespeed Racing 3-piece 19s. These deeply dished rims are an eye-watering 14-inches wide at the rear and 10.5-inches at the front. Wrapped in premium Michelin rubber, they look stunning tucked up in those wide arches.

The ride height looks bang on the money, thanks to Iby’s decision to install some BILSTEIN B16 PSS10 suspension. Out on the rutted streets, the ride is firm and you can feel every bump and undulation, but it isn’t uncomfortable. The chassis has been further sharpened with BILSTEIN drop links up front, together with Eibach anti-roll bars and a some GT3 parts, including top mounts and lower control arms.

“I decided to have it wrapped Avery Carmine gloss red to show off the details of the bodywork better,” says Iby. “When it was black, you lost the carbon spoiler and air inlets and it was harder to see the black vents on the wing and rear bumper.” Custom matt black and Nardo grey stripes further add to the race car feel.

Out on the road, you can feel that this Porsche wants to go. As Iby negotiates some traffic, there’s a tautness to the drivetrain. Once we’re free, he gives it a blip and we’re suddenly accelerating hard. The twin-hybrid turbos spool up fast, and it’s clear that this 700bhp 911 has the go to match its show. It sounds terrific too, although Iby is quick to point out that it isn’t too loud, which should allow him to take it on track and really put the BILSTEIN PSS10’s through their paces.

“The next stage is to fit some bigger brakes and some GT3 seats,” says Iby. We’ll bring you more soon, including videos of this monstrous Porsche in action.