Turner Race Developments BILSTEIN M3 Competition

We visit Turner Race Developments as they fit the UK’s first B16 DampTronic kit to a BMW M3 Competition

The BMW M3 Competition (F80) is one of the finest sports saloons money can buy. It combines muscular good looks with a potent 444bhp twin-turbo engine and delivers a scintillating driving experience.

For those who want to push their M3 that little bit further, BILSTEIN offer a B16 DampTronic package for the premium super-saloon.

We caught up with Jamie Turner of Turner Race Developments to discover more about this particular M3 Competition – the first UK car to have the B16 DampTronic system installed.

A very highly-specced example, it features pretty much every optional extra available. This includes the full factory carbon pack (with roof) which looks incredible in contrast to the stealthy grey BMW Individual paint, which helped to take the total list price to a cool £81k.

“This M3 belongs to a good customer of mine,” says Jamie. “He has a pretty impressive collection of cars, including a Porsche 964 and a Huracan Performante, but like the Lamborghini, he felt the stock M3 sat too high at the front from the factory.”

Having already cured the Huracan of its lofty nose, Jamie turned his attention to the M3. “We looked at lowering springs, but they didn’t go low enough for what we wanted, plus the customer wanted it fully integrated with BMW’s suspension management system.”

As a longtime BILSTEIN dealer, Jamie was quick to recommend the B16 DampTronic set up, which had been freshly developed for the F80 M3. Like all BILSTEIN suspension, it has been honed at the Nurbürgring Nordschleife – and being DampTronic it works with the factory suspension management system.

Although the fully adjustable set up has been dialled-in to the customer’s preferred settings of bump and rebound, further sharpening the M3’s handling, the prime objective here was to give the car the ride height he thought it should have had from the factory.

With a set of 17mm spacers added for good measure, this stunning M3 Competition now looks absolutely on-point.