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Kenny Hauk and BILSTEIN have enjoyed teaming up on a number of exciting projects, seen at SEMA, Moab, Jeep Beach and other extreme off-road events. When we decided there was a need for a flagship off-roader to showcase BILSTEIN shocks and technology, we turned to the man himself; Kenny Hauk.

We teased the forthcoming season of Hauk Machines a while back, but the episodes are finally rolling in! Check out Season 3 Episode 1 of Hauk Machines on Amazon Prime Video, and check back here for updates as the project develops.

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is a prolific, industrial and military-grade off-road platform. The 416 model will be the basis for the BILSTEIN Unimog project. Featuring portal axles and an amazing grade-climbing capability thanks to the approach angle, huge tires, low gearing and diesel powerplant, the BILSTEIN ‘Mog will be a go-anywhere vehicle and we plan to use it as such.

As seen in the concept rendering, the BILSTEIN Unimog will feature full off-road BILSTEIN suspension to tackle the rough terrain of wherever we choose to take it. The rear bed cargo area will be customized to accommodate supplies, BILSTEIN swag and display materials for out on the trail.