BILSTEIN launches new B8 8125 Series

Custom applications for the serious off-road enthusiast

BILSTEIN announced the launch of their new BILSTEIN B8 8125 Series. This highly engineered product line is designed for the serious off-road enthusiast, and is a declaration of BILSTEIN’s commitment to revamp their efforts in the off-road industry.

Completely owner rebuildable, the BILSTEIN B8 8125 Series is available in multiple lengths for a wide range of custom applications. Both the 46mm and 60mm mono-tube designs feature a threaded body and include dual-rate coilover hardware – perfect for dialing in precise spring rate and ride height. The remote reservoir, attached with a high temperature hose, provides a greater resistance to heat and adds to the fade-free performance BILSTEIN’s mono-tube technology is known for. Recognizing the unforgiving environments in which the B8 8125 Series would need to perform, BILSTEIN opted to use a 22mm case hardened piston rod, a high temperature 3-stage sealing system, and the highest quality billet machined components for long lasting performance and durability. The new, especially robust shock absorber systems are manufactured at the BILSTEIN factory in the US.

When BILSTEIN introduced the mono-tube gas pressure shock absorber to the world of off-road racing over 40 years ago, it was clear that this technology set the bar as the performance standard. With an assurance to continue this legacy, BILSTEIN is committed to provide the customer with a broad range of race proven high performance off-road products, beginning with the BILSTEIN B8 8125 Series. BILSTEIN’s B8 8125 Series is the ultimate shock absorber for those looking for a customizable and durable high performing upgrade that can handle any terrain.

But BILSTEIN is also successively expanding its other range of professional offroad shock absorbers. The height adjustable system BILSTEIN B8 5100 RHA, for example, is available for the popular pick-up truck Toyota Hilux. It was specially developed for the combination with lift springs. An external oil reservoir is also available for even more performance. The iconic retro offroader Toyota FJ Cruiser, on the other hand, can be equipped with the BILSTEIN B8 6112. This is a complete offroad suspension kit with matching springs which also performs well on paved roads.



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