BILSTEIN OEM ADS Dampers at One Lap of America

The Hellcat engine-powered Dodge Durango SRT will compete on 8 tracks in 7 states, covering 3,379 miles.

The infamous Cannonball Run was the inspiration for the One Lap of America race week, capturing the excitement of performance driving and the scenic road transits between events.

In the 2019 OLOA event the Dodge Durango SRT Pursuit Concept vehicle – nicknamed “Speed Trap,” is hitting the track across the eastern United States. The BILSTEIN ADS-equipped sports SUV is a unique contender in the event, continually check back here as the event proceeds and daily updates are added.

Day 1

The first day of the 2019 One Lap of America has been completed and with seven more to go, it’s a marathon.

Powering the Dodge Durango SRT “Speed Trap” Pursuit Concept in the 2019 One Lap Truck/SUV class is a 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI that makes 797 horsepower. Making sure the Durango can handle whatever curves are thrown at are BILSTEIN ADS dampers on all four corners.

Day 2

“Speed Trap” thundered its way around the Nelson Ledges Race Course challenging two-mile circuit and finished first in the Truck/SUV class, and 21st overall. To the delight of the fans and the dismay of some competitors, the “Speed Trap” Durango SRT Pursuit Concept “laid down the law” on the race track.

After both Saturday and Sunday’s competition at Tire Rack, Grissom Air Force Base, and Nelson Ledges, “Speed Trap” is currently first in class, and 26 overall among 77 competitors.

Helping the “Speed Trap” turn in fast laps are OEM production BILSTEIN ADS dampers and Pirelli P Zero High-Performance 305/35/20 tires that are straight from the Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody.

The 2019 One Lap of America will cover nearly 4000 miles and eight challenging tracks located in seven states over the course of a week. The annual on-road rally and on-track race challenges both production and specially modified vehicles.

Day 3

Day three of the One Lap of America had the Durango SRT Pursuit Concept “Speed Trap” blasting around the historic Road America four-mile race course near Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. In the Truck/SUV class, “Speed Trap” extended its lead to 20 points ahead of its nearest competitors and currently sits in the 21st overall position among 77 participants.

The next stop on the 2019 One Lap of America is Brainerd International Raceway in Brainerd, Minnesota this Tuesday. The Durango SRT Pursuit Concept “Speed Trap” will compete on the road course and drag strip with the goal of extending its point’s lead.

Day 4

Speed Trap” is laying down the law at this year’s One Lap of America event and it’s not even halfway over.

With awesome performance and great laps times it laid down at Brainerd International Raceway on Tuesday, “Speed Trap” moved up to 19th place from 20th in overall standings, and took a commanding lead in the Truck/SUV class over its nearest rivals.

Day 6

Current Overall Position: 14

Current Class Position: 1

The Durango SRT Pursuit Concept “Speed Trap” rolled into Blackhawk Farms Raceway in South Beloit, Illinois, for another day of competition. After a wet morning session, “Speed Trap” ended up in the 15th spot as the other competitors struggled with the wet track surface. In the afternoon session, the track was dry which allowed sports cars to take advantage of this narrow and twisty track which favors lightweight vehicles. This ended up bumping the Durango to the 24th spot which was still in the top-third of the field and first class for both sessions. Our “Speed Trap” also raced a heavily modified Durango SRT and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk running in the Truck/SUV class.

After today’s competition at Blackhawk Farms Raceway, the Durango SRT Pursuit Concept “Speed Trap” once gained moved up in the overall point’s standing to 14th place and still leads the Truck/SUV class by 30 points over its nearest rival.

Our next stop (Friday) will be NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Day 7

“Speed Trap” hustled around NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling, Kentucky for the second to last event of the 2019 One Lap of America event. After Friday’s competition, “Speed Trap” got bumped to 17th position but still leads the Truck/SUV class by a wide margin.  The next and final stop (Saturday ) will be the skid pad competition at Tire Rack World Headquarters in South Bend, Indiana.

“Speed Trap” Pulls Off Top-20 Finish at 2019 One Lap of America

In a field of 77 competitors that included exotic machines and sports cars, the Dodge Durango SRT Pursuit Concept “Speed Trap” raced to a top 20 finish during the 2019 One Lap of America event. With a journey consisting of 4000 miles that took participants through seven states and competing at seven tracks, “Speed Trap” finished 18th overall and first in the Truck/SUV class. At each race course, “Speed Trap” shocked the competition and delighted the fans with its 797 horsepower 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI V8 engine. The Durango SRT Pursuit concept also carved corners and hugged road with its Bilstein ADS Shock Absorbers throughout this long and challenging event.

Thank you to everyone who helped on this awesome project!