BILSTEIN Racers Sweep The Podium at Elk River

The first round of Champ Off-Road returns to Elk River Motorsports Park

BILSTEIN Racers locked down the top honors at the first round of Championship Off-Road short course racing at Elk River, MN over the first weekend of July 2020. After many delays and schedule changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, short course racers were finally able to get back to the dirt. For some racers this race represented a debut of new trucks and racing programs. Both Ryan Beat and Mickey Thomas have made the jump from ProLite to Pro2.

BILSTEIN title sponsor racer Ryan Beat qualified in P1 and was ready for the main heat later in the evening when mechanical woes struck.

“As you can see the BILSTEIN truck is on point and hooked up. Nearing the half way mark of the race we had a power steering failure that cost us this win. But damn it felt good to be leading the field the way we were.” Beat recalled.

East Coast BILSTEIN racer Keegan Kincaid, ended up taking the gold in Pro2, with new-comer to the class Mickey Thomas securing the silver after qualifying in P5.

“Super stoked to get 2nd place in my first ever race in our Pro2! Thanks to Champ Off-Road for running such a fun event and ERX Motorsports Park for hosting.” In round two, Thomas had similar power steering issues that plagued Beat in round one.

In ProLite, BILSTEIN racer Cole Mamer made it onto the podium despite engine issues. “Kinda bummed on our outcome today, was able to salvage a 3rd on being 50% down on power do to a motor issue.”

Look for our West Coast BILSTEIN racers at Glen Helen at the end of this month, kicking off the LOORRS series!