BILSTEIN Unimog Takes Shape on Hauk Machines

Kenny revisits the Unimog project for episode 7.

This week on Hauk Machines, Kenny and crew get back to work on the Bilstein Unimog project. The factory Unimog snorkel is going to be replaced with Kenny’s River Raider snorkel, which was the first product he designed for his business more than 13 years ago. Work continues on the Unimog body with replacement of the front cross-member to allow more room for a brand new Warn wench. Patching continues around the body with new sheet metal pieces cut out on the Maverick CNC. Meanwhile the new 47” Pitbull Growler tires arrive in the shop, Kenny & Jake design a 2” ‘roll cage’ for a canopy to be installed in the bed using their Huth bender to bend the tubes, and the cab is finally lifted off the chassis in order to expose the frame to prep everything for paint.