BILSTEIN Victory at Crandon World Championship

Short course racers battle for top positions at the 50th anniversary of Crandon

The 50th Anniversary of the Crandon World Championship Off-Road Races took place over the long Labor Day weekend, and wrapped up the Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League (LOMSCL) 2019 season! BILSTEIN racers from both the LOMSCL and LOORRS series made the trek (cross-country for some) to compete in this historic and prestigious race. In the days leading up to the action practice sessions were canceled due to rain and flooding, meaning racers would have limited time to perfect their setups. After the dust settled in Crandon, WI, BILSTEIN racers had secured numerous top podium positions.

Ryan Beat qualified in position one for the labor day weekend at Crandon International Raceway. With BILSTEIN racer Cole Mamer close on his heels. “Crandon and I have always clicked. There is just something about that track and the vibe there that I love,” Beat prefaced the racing action. When the green flag dropped, the field shook up the starting order and Beat was bumped back but maintained a podium position.

“Crandon was one to remember. Up and down weekend with the speed needed to win but just needed some luck. Saturday after hard fought battles we ended up 3rd place which secured our 2nd place in the Midwest west season points standings. Sunday’s cup race we ripped a great start and got roughed up a little on the first lap and fell to 4th but was able to get back up into the 2nd place position. As we were closing on the leader I ended up getting a flat tire with two laps to go which ended our day. We tried our hardest and gave it our all, that’s all we can do. I can’t thank everyone involved in this program enough as we have worked out butts off and had a great time racing on the east. It was awesome to see all the love from all of you fans that came out and supported what we do! A couple much needed weeks off then back to our home track of Glen Helen.”

Cole Mamer maintained his position two qualifying spot to find himself on the box wearing the silver at the end of the race.

“To say I’m proud of this team is an understatement. We got knocked down 9 times we stood up 10 and we made sure we are here to stay!! After getting taken out in Sunday’s money race we put our head down and went after it made the pass for the lead on the last lap just started running out of fuel but was still able to drive it to a 2nd place finish!! Proud to represent the company’s that support me we put on one heck of a show at the biggest short course race ever!” Mamer regaled. Cole secured a second place in overall points in the Pro Lite World Championship.

The Pro2 racing was a BILSTEIN one-two punch between racers Jerett Brooks and Keegan Kincaid. Jerett Brooks was on a mission for the Crandon World Championship, he qualified first in the Pro2 category and maintained that momentum through the weekend.

“Packed day at Crandon, we had a great run and put it on the box for a 3rd Place finish against the East Coast Pro 2 engine package. We pushed all race but just ran out of time to get all the way to the front. Ready to do it all again tomorrow for the Pro 2 World Championship and the cup race!” Brooks summarized.

With the big pressure mounting in the cup race, Brooks took the victory while Kincaid scored the silver.

“Wow what an amazing weekend here at Crandon. We we’re able to capture today’s Pro 2 World Championship against a huge field of 20+ trucks! I can’t thank everyone enough that helps support us and all the great fans and Crandon, it was fun to be back!” Brooks concluded.

Keegan Kincaid managed a win in the first Pro2 round of the weekend, coming off his major success at Bark River. In the cup race, he got knocked back to second.

“What a way to rock the 50th Crandon Still trying to find the words to describe the weekend… We wrapped up my first Pro 2 Championship with a win on Saturday! On Sunday we battled hard and came away with two 2nd place finishes! Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this amazing season!” Kincaid stated.

Doug Mittag represented BILSTEIN in the Pro4 category and came away with second and third place finishes through the weekend.

“Pulled off a 2nd place finish yesterday! The 50th anniversary has been wild so far to say the least and I can’t wait to battle it out for that cup today!” Mittag announced.

“Wild weekend of racing! We were up on the podium 2 out of 3 times and the final race was shaping up to be my first Crandon win, until a mechanical failure. Huge thanks to my team, sponsors and fans for the support that got me out to Crandon!”