Darren Hardesty Jr. Pro Buggy Flying Through the Air

BILSTEIN’S Coveted Madonna Awarded To Short Course Champions

Short Course Champions Jerett Brooks and Darren Hardesty Jr Awarded BILSTEIN Madonnas

The coveted BILSTEIN Madonna trophy is recognized around the world as one of the most prestigious honors a race driver can achieve. The “Madonna” award has long been held in the highest regards by race drivers in all forms of motor racing. Earning a Madonna puts you in an exclusive group of racers that includes NASCAR royalty and other Icons of motorsports. In off-road racing, champions such as Ivan “Ironman” Stewart, Mark McMillin, and Mark Stahl, have all been past recipients of the Madonna.

In 2017, a pair of hard chargers from the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series have earned Madonna’s. Jerett Brooks and Darren Hardesty Jr were both successful in taking their second straight, short course championship titles; Brooks racing in the Pro Lite truck class and Hardesty in the Pro Buggies. Both classes are incredibly competitive, and both require raw talent and hard work in order to be successful. Interestingly, both Brooks and Hardesty were on the podium 11 out of 13 races on their way to a championship title. Winning a single championship is difficult. Putting together a team strong enough to sustain their performance over two seasons shows the kind of dedication and determination that the Madonna award stands for.

Darren Hardesty Jr. Pro Buggy Flying Through the Air
Jerett Brooks Pro Lite Truck Flying Through the Air

“Today marks a very special day in the history of BILSTEIN. It is not often that you get to celebrate not one, but two, back-to-back racing championships. Riding on BILSTEIN M9200 Bypass and Coilover shock absorbers, Jerett Brooks backed up his 2016 LOORRS Pro Lite championship and Darren Hardesty Jr backed up his 2016 LOORRS Pro Buggy championship. Congratulations go out to both of these talented young men!” said Regis Finn, BILSTEIN Marketing Manager.

BILSTEIN has been at the forefront of technological innovation for 140 years. Their accomplishments in motorsports include race wins and championships at the most iconic competitive events throughout the history of the automobile. Their tradition of excellence in engineering and precise manufacturing has contributed to the advancement of many racers careers. The Madonna award acknowledges competitors who demonstrate the same dedication to excellence.

BILSTEIN Madonna Award