Corvette Online’s C4 Build

Editor Dave Cruikshank takes us through lowering his project car.

The C4 Corvette was is something of an acquired taste among enthusiasts of Chevrolet’s flagship sports car. Introduced in 1986 and continuing through the 1996 model year, the famously-fiberglass platform has a favorite place among under-appreciated performance cars.

Our friend Dave Cruikshank, Editor of Corvette Online has been faithfully restoring and tastefully resto-modding his 1995 C4, affectionately called project “Red-Headed Step Child.”

As a performance car born out of the so-called malaise-era of auto manufacturing, the 1990s was a tough time for styling an aesthetics among domestic brands. With BILSTEIN suspension as OE, and Lotus-derived powerplant (in the C4  ZR-1), the C4 has a place in many collections.

The suspension design of the Corvette has always been a unique player in the realm of automotive design. The transverse monoleaf spring is an interesting design that the aftermarket has had to engineer clever solutions for lowering.

BILSTEIN shocks have been with the C4 from the beginning when the car rolled out of the factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It’s only right that Dave should come to us for a refreshed set of B8 performance dampers to compliment his lowered ‘Vette.

“I’m really happy with the results and love my Bilstein shocks. The car rides and handles much better and were a breeze to install,” Cruikshank told us. The car even won the C4 categort at the Plastic Fantastic Corvetter show in San Diego, CA.